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The Bermuda

The Bermuda

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Make a statement and add classic style to your outdoor space with the Bermuda. Its beautiful curved top and scalloped edges give it an elegant and timeless look, while the Verdi Green hue adds a vibrant, eye-catching touch. Perfect for any architecture style!

(inches) Height
Medium 16 7.5 6
Large 19 10 7.5

These lanterns are crafted to order with a processing time of about 8 weeks, and shipping is calculated at checkout. Bulbs are included.

Please note: the Verdi Green (often spelled "Verdigris") on our lanterns varies from piece to piece, carrying distinct patterns, shades, and nuances, making each one a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Our Verdi Green finish isn't a perfect, uniform coat of paint but rather embraces the beauty of imperfection, adding character and depth to your lantern.

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