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The Lancaster

The Lancaster

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The Lancaster is a vintage-inspired lantern with a scalloped double cone top and decorative leaves, perfect for adding charm to any home. It's sure to be a conversation starter in the inviting Verdi Green hue!

(inches) Height
Small 26 12 12
Medium 28 14 14
Large 30 16 16

These lanterns are crafted to order with a processing time of 8 weeks, and shipping is calculated at checkout. Bulbs are included.

Please note: the Verdi Green (often spelled "Verdigris") on our lanterns varies from piece to piece, carrying distinct patterns, shades, and nuances, making each one a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Our Verdi Green finish isn't a perfect, uniform coat of paint but rather embraces the beauty of imperfection, adding character and depth to your lantern.

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